Glasscene - Double Glazing Benefits

Why You Should Choose Double Glazing For Your Home

As heating costs continue to rise at an alarming rate, installing double glazing window with thermal insulation properties (Low E) is a shrewd investment for reducing heating bills. The latest Low E thermal insulation glass solutions work in two ways – by reflecting heat back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape and by allowing the home to benefit from free solar energy.

By using the most energy efficient Thermal insulation glass solutions (with an A rating on the Window Energy Ratings scale), it is estimated that over a 20 year period as much as $20,000 can be saved on heating costs for an average sized semi-detached home – and as electricity prices rise, probably much more. Double glazed windows can halve the amount of energy lost by single glazing.

Thermal insulation glass plays a vital role in increasing comfort to your home by stabilising the internal temperatures. Importantly, thermal insulation glass also helps reduce energy costs for heating and cooling which is good for the family budget and the environment. Using less energy in the home helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions via double glazed windows.

Double glazed window keep you cool by acting as a barrier from the heat in summer. The inside temperature of your home can be up to 8°C to 12°C cooler than an un-insulated home without thermal insulation glass. Thermal insulation glass also keeps you warm in winter as it acts as a barrier against heat loss. Double glazed windows work just as effectively in winter as they do in summer. Your home will be warmer or cooler, more efficient to heat and much more comfortable to live in.

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