Bi-Fold Doors

Glasscene - Bi-Fold Doors

Open Up A Whole New Dimension To Your Home

Extenal Double Glazed Folding Doors
Glasscene offers a maximum of 14 panels bi-folded door system (left 7 panels + right 7 panels), designed to provide an opening glass wall or storefront for openings up to 11 meters wide. It is appropriate for most residential applications where higher levels of resistance to air and water infiltration are required. The external folding door system allows for a french door in the middle or a single tilt and turn door on the side when only access or ventilation is required when shut.

Features and Benefits

In Addition To The Features Mentioned For The GS56 Profile The Extenal Folding Doors Offers:

  1. Big opening size to over 11 meters in width, which you can stack out of the way for unimpeded access.
  2. Multi-point locking for maximum security and performance.
  3. Multi-handles and low force sliding for easy operation.
  4. Optional single entry door with tilt functionality providing excellent ventilation or french door option for easy access.
  5. Stack to one side or multiple sides.
  6. Doors are top hung and bottom rolling.
  7. Covered Screws and hinges to ensure a clean, aesthetically appealing appearance.
  8. Outboard track system for easy cleaning of sand and grit.
  9. Doors can be powder-coated, anodised or have a flourocarbon-coated finish.
  10. Doors can be double glazed, triple glazed and even have built-in blinds.

Door Profile

External Folding Door Profile

External Folding Door Profile