Casement Windows

Glasscene - Double & Triple Glazed Casement Windows

Incorporate Modern Features While Paying Homage To The Past

Glasscene Double Glazed Casement Window
Casement windows allow for the maximum amount of ventilation due to it fully opening. An extended modern casement window is easier to clean than traditional ones and allows the cleaner to reach the outside of the glass through a cap between the window frame and the sash. The casement window offers a multi-pont locking system they shut the window tightly and have the highest thermal performance of our range and offers the most security.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to the casement window, they provide great ventilation and retain a high energy efficiency when closed. Glasscene’s awning windows are designed to circulate air while providing a unique protective shield to keep the rain out. Glasscene offers a variety of solutions for easy operation of the awning, such as a crank, chain or electrical openers.


  1. Thermal break
  2. Multipoint Locking
  3. Double or Triple Glazed Glass
  4. Aesthetic Pleasing Mitre Joint
  5. Windows Can Have Anodised, Powder-Coated, Fluorocarbon-Coating or Woodgrain Finish
  6. Options For Double or Triple Weather Seal
  7. Inside or Ouside Opening
  8. Dual Colour Option
  9. Hinges Or Stainless Steel Option

Stainless Steel Stays Allow The Window To Be Kept Open In Any Position


  1. Low U Value
  2. Low SHGC Value
  3. Elegant
  4. Functional
  5. Easy To Clean And Maintain
  6. Suit Many Architectural Designs
  7. Allows You To Direct The Breeze To Any Part Of Your Home
Glasscene Double Glazed Awning Window Unit Profile