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Glasscene Tilt And Lift Double Glazed Door
Glasscene lift & slide door can be built to a maximum wall size of 3m high by 19m wide. This is the maximum size of the entire wall with 6 double or triple glazed panels in succession, the lift and slide door is able to span even further than the bi-fold door with each section weighing a maximum of 400Kg. The lift &  slide door can be controlled via the lift & roller system, when the door sash lifts up, it separates from the track approximately 5mm while the gaskets breakaway from the track, this allows the door to be open and closed with ease, without damaging the weather seals like other products on the market. When the sash is lowered, the door is locked and the double gasket seals the track on both sides of the door, while the weight of the door creates a perfect seal on the rubber gasket which in turn creates a far better seal making the door extremely secure and perform greatly against keeping the heat in or out.

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Test Items Standard Description Test Results
Deflection In the application of the actual wind pressure, the maximum ratio of span and deflection is not more than 1/250 Positive Pressure 2100Pa:1/360.82
Negative Pressure -2100Pa:1/278.80
Operating Force (N) Initial Operating Force:≤180 100
Sustained Operating Force 30
Air Tightness (L/m³ s) Air Conditioning Class (Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure) 75Pa:≤1.0 Positive Pressure 0.2 Negative Pressure < 0.2
150Pa:≤1.0 Positive Pressure 0.4 Negative Pressure < 0.2
Non-air-conditioning Class (Positive Pressure) 75Pa:≤5.0
Shutter Class (Positive Pressure) 75Pa:≤20
Water Tightness (Pa) See Notes 6230
Breaking Strength See Notes Positive Pressure 5000Pa
Negative Pressure 5000Pa
U Value
Central 2.01 2.13
Edge 223
Seal 3.04
SHGC Hot Box 0.46
Visual Light Transmittance Hot Box 0.43