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Why Should Windows Only Have Tilt?

Tilt & Sliding Double Glazed Door
Moves like the sliding door of a van, it offers excellent ventilation with tilt functionality (hoper) and your home still reamins secure. Technically its still a casement door with triple rubber which will prevent air and water leaks, and still leaves you with a great view outside. The “Tilt & Sliding” door still uses the exact same GS56 Thermal Break Door System as our other doors leaving you with excellent insulating properties. Quality components make the door operation easy and large openings which would have been considered too “heavy” are now entirely possible. Doors can be made up to 2400mm high and 1600mm wide.

The Tilt & Sliding Door has all the benefits of a traditional slider and…

  1. Excellent ventilation from the tilt function – just like the tilt & turn hardware you can still tilt your sliding door to ventilate your room, with the knowledge that your home reamins secure.
  2. Quality sliding door components, makes opening the door a breeze - fully adjustable to suit your home, the unique component design means that it can be adjusted to make opening as easy as possible.
  3. Triple rubber seals prevent air and water leaks - using exactly the same profiles throughout the GS56 range means that the benefits of the triple rubber seals and double glazing units are enjoyed in all our products.
  4. Large openings are possible - doors can be made up to 2400mm high and 1640mm wide in a single unit. Add this to the ability to double up with two sliding doors together and you have potential to span massive openings.

Door Profile

Tilt & Sliding Door Double Glazed Profile

Tilt & Sliding Door Profile