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Tilt and Turn Windows

The “Tilt and Turn Window” is an advanced system to offer the functionality of a casement window (hinged on the side to swing inward) and the ventilation of a hopper window (hinged on the bottom to open inward at the top). In the tilt position the window opens at the top, allowing air into the room without causing strong draughts and preventing rain inside the room whilst also keeping children or object from falling out. The turn position allows the inward opening sash to open fully, enabling the outside glass to be leaned safely. This window style offer key advantages when it comes to security, thermal and structural considerations.

Test Data For A 1.8m x 1.8m Window

Test Result
Acoustic Performance Down to 31dB
Air Permeability 0.11 l/s-m²
Energy Coefficience U-value 1.89w/m²*k
Water Tightness 630 Pa
Service Wind Loading Up to 2200Pa
Ultra Wind Loading Up to 5300Pa


  • Thermal Break, Three-Chamber Profile
  • Multipoint Locking
  • Double or Triple Glass
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Mitre joint
  • Anodised,Powder-Coated or Flourocarbon-Coated Finish
  • Triple Rubber Seals
  • Dual Colour Option


1. Optimal and Draught-Free Ventilation
A traditional open window often causes a draught due to the direct path of outside wind into the room, tilted inwards on the top allows outside air to be channeled through through the sires of the window, as a result without wind directly exposed to people in the room, while the hot air escapes through the top, this process allows efficient air circulation without the draught.

2. Rain Protection From Unclosed Windows
Tilted approximately 150mm inward the window allows ventilation when there is a drizzle but the rain only sprinkles onto the glass and not the room. Leaving the room well ventilated but still dry even during light rains.

3. Burglar-Proof
Even in the open position the window still protects agains intruders, leaving you and your family protected from intruders and your valuables safeguarded.

4. Security
Prevent children, pets or objects falling out the window. No worries about playing children injuring themselves on sharp window corners. Turning the window inside also allows the window to be cleaned easily with no danger to the person cleaning.

Window Schematic

Tilt and Turn Window Schematic

Tilt and Turn Window Schematic