General Specifications

Glasscene - General Specifications

Specification Overview For Architects And Homebuyers

We insulate our roof and our walls but not our windows which can lose up to 49% of heat in winter and gain 87% of heat in summer! The rest of the world uses Energy Efficient Windows to stop most of this leakage.

General Specifications

1. Stop summer heat coming in.
2. Stop cool air escaping in summer.
3. Stop heat escaping in winter.
4. Stop noise coming in.
5. Reduce energy bills.
6. Reduce Co2 Emissions

It is time to change for the environment, savings in energy bills and for your own comfort.

Our windows and doors consist of a
Thermally improved 3-chamber system for windows and doors, with a 14.8mm the thermal break, frame U value 2.02 W/M²K
Aluminium treatment
Powder-coating, Anodised and Fluorocarbon-coating.
Double or Triple insulated glass units made of toughened, tinted, laminated or
Low-e glass, the performance of insulated glass unit:
U value from 0.15 to 0.5
SHGC from 0.23 to 0.76
VT from 0.56 to 0.81.
Bullet-proof glass option
Security multipoint hardware. Quality fittings, locks and handles made in europe.
2 to 3 EPDM weather seal

Did You Know?

  • Most windows and doors in Australia have a single pane of glass with full-body and non-chamber aluminium frame
  • Normal aluminium windows allow 87% of summer heat and 49% of winter cool to pass through the windows.
  • Normal full-body frame will generate 20 to 30% additional heat into the house in summer.
  • Single glaze windows & doors are prohibited in many overseas locations.
  • 2 panes of glass with an air gap stops energy loss by up to 80%
  • A soft coating called Low-E can applied to the inside pane reducing up to 70% of sun rays

Energy saving ( U-Value and SHGC )

efficient windows for the home will not only lower electrical bill and HVAC costs,

but also maintain a comfortable temperature, reduce greenhouse gases, eliminate frost and condensation on glass. Two facts:-

U- value: thermal transmittance coeffience that measure how quick the thermal transfer through the window. Glasscene total window

down to1.7 W/M2-0K, Max. stop summer heat coming in and heat escaping in winter

SHGC: solar heat gain coeffient, this measurement shows how much solar energy passes through the window. Glasscene offers glass reduces SHGC down to 0.15, which is 77% cooler than normal single glass

Acoustic insulation and air infiltration and waterproofing

Glasscene offers top-grade acoustic insulation, air infiltration and water-proof windows due to the choices of window profile system, hardware, glazing options and high quality sealants.

By The use of a three chamber extrusion combined with double glazing and high grade sealants, this makes for excellent acoustic insulation and a reduction in air infiltration and water ingress.