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GS76 Serial Technical Data

Thermal Break Sliding Window & Door System is a thermally improved 2 tracks system for windows and doors. The frame depth 65mm, this system can expand out to 3 tracks thermal break system. Multipoint locking available

Dual Colour Option

Feature and Benefits

  • Complete thermal break, high energy coefficient
  • Service wind 2100Pa, Ultra Wind 5200Pa
  • Max. weight 150kgs
  • Max. size 1.8m ( W )x 2.3m ( H ) slider
  • Easy repair
  • Multipoint locking with anti-theft device
  • Dual colour options
  • Special designed brush-hair and sealant
  • Block on Interlocks Promote Enhanced Weather Proof Properties
  • Wide selection of possible configurations
Glasscene Double Glazed Window GS65 Profile Schematic